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Why Orivet

Offer Personalized Life Plans

Orivet's proprietary algorithm performs a personalized health risk analysis identifying the most clinically relevant diseases for each pet along with specific screening suggestions. Our customized Life Plans are take into account each pet's genetic make up, breed, age, weight, sex and lifestyle as well as evidence-based disease prevalence, severity and mode of inheritance. Plans are delivered on a unique platform enabeling close communication of veterinarians with pet parents throughout the lifetime of their pet.

Add Genetics to Your Practice’s Toolbox

Comprehensive range of DNA tests including disease screens, traits testing, DNA profiles (for parentage and forensic purpuses) and Breed Identification Test. Offer breeders extensive tools to manage their breeding programs.

Improve Compliance and Client Retention

Human studies show a 50-70% increase in compliance when a genetic risk is documented. Pet parents also love to know their pets are being treated as the unique individuals that they are. 

Grow & Enhance

Grow your practice through a new focus on wellness, monitoring and prevention. Enhance your practice image and differentiate by offering cutting-edge, high tech innovative solutions tailored to your clients pets’ specific health needs.

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We Implement Our Program in your Practice

Orivet professionals can help implement our program in your hospital and provide ongoing support at no extra cost. A range of marketing and training resources are made available and you can make an appointment to have one of our representatives discuss the process and schedule a free demo.

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