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How long can I expect to wait for my results?

Once we receive your sample/s, you will receive an email confirming that your sample/s have arrived. From this date, clients can expect to receive results via email within 2-3 weeks. Should you wish to request a hard copy of your report, please notify us either by phone or email and we will happily send your results via post.

How can I obtain the 10% discount you offer for Registered Users?

You will need to register with us and log in to your online account. You will then be able to order tests and receive a 10% discount off the RRP.

Can I do the DNA collection myself?

Yes. Our kits are very user-friendly and designed so that anyone may easily collect DNA samples from their pets. However, it is recommended for breeders that they use their Vet or one of our Accredited DNA Collection Agents to do the collection in order for the results to be fully certified for registering animals.

How many swabs do you require per animal?

Regardless of how many tests you’ve requested for each animal, we only require 1 complete swab packet (2 or 3 cheek swabs) per animal for processing.

My DNA sample I sent in has failed. What do I do now?

This can unfortunately happen with collection via cheek swabs. We will require you to re-collect a DNA sample and we will process this sample free of charge. Please note that blood samples never fail, should you prefer to do it this way. You will however need to get your Vet to collect this blood sample.

Click here to download our Molecular Form (please note that this form is only for submissions where the owner cannot access a computer to input their pet's information and request tests).