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Can I do the DNA collection myself?

Can I access Molecular (Application) Forms and information on how to ship samples online?

Can I collect a DNA sample if my dam is pregnant or "on-heat"?

What tests should I request for my breed?

What type of genetic variation does Orivet detect?

How does Orivet detect single nucleotide mutations?

What type of factors can affect the performance of this technology?

How many swabs do you require per animal?

At what age can I collect a swab sample from my animal?

My pet won’t allow me to swab their cheek, what should I do?

How long can I expect to wait for my results?

My DNA sample I sent in has failed. What do I do now?

How can I obtain the 10% discount you offer for Registered Users?

What kinds of genetic tests does Orivet provide to pet owners?

How does the genetic testing process work?

What specific tools does Orivet offer breeders?

Do I have to pay shipping?

How do I know that my pet’s results are accurate?

What types of health risks can Orivet identify?

Why should someone use Orivet’s services?

What are the main benefits of Orivet’s life plans?

Can a pet receive an Orivet Life Plan without undergoing genetic testing?

How do you work with a person’s existing veterinarian?

Do you work with veterinarians who are not clients or partners with Orivet?