Coronavirus Orivet Information

How has Orivet been affected by COVID-19?

Can my pet get infected with Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

I am not able to access a collection agent or veterinarian due to the restrictions and 'lockdown' implemented. What can I do?

Due to isolation I am not able to visit a post office to mail samples back. Is there any way Orivet can assist?

Getting Started

My browser doesn't appear to let me progress with my order or pay?

How do I activate a kit (barcode)?

How can I automate completing the Approved Collection Method (ACM) Form?

What tests should I request for my breed?

How long can I expect to wait for my results?

How can I obtain the 10% discount you offer for Registered Users?

What kinds of genetic tests does Orivet provide to pet owners?

What specific tools does Orivet offer breeders?

Do I have to pay for shipping?

What is your AQIS Import Permit Number?

What types of health risks can Orivet identify?

Why should someone use Orivet’s services?

Forms Online

Where can I find extra forms to view or download and print off?

The DNA Collection Process

DNA Collection Instructions

Can I do the DNA collection myself?

My animal may have had something to eat, will this impact the sample collection?

My pups have been weaning off mum, what and how long should I wait before I carry out a swab collection?

Can I collect a DNA sample if my dam is pregnant or "on-heat"?

My DNA sample I sent in has failed. What do I do now?

How many swabs do you require per animal?

At what age can I collect a swab sample from my animal?

My pet won’t allow me to swab their cheek, what should I do?

Breeders Loyalty Programme

Where do I find my Breeder Loyalty Number?

How do I redeem my loyalty points?

How many points to I get for every dollar I spend?

The Orivet Science

Is Orivet Accredited?

Is Orivet's testing run in an accredited facility?

What Scientific Organisations are Orivet Members of?

Are the Profiling/Parentage markers(SNPs) used reliable and accurate.

How do I request a Parentage Report?

What type of genetic variation does Orivet detect?

How does Orivet detect single nucleotide mutations?

What type of factors can affect the performance of this technology?

How does the genetic testing process work?

How do I know that my pet’s results are accurate?

Dogs Queensland Questions and Answers

How do I create and activate My Account?

How do I reset my password?

How do I request a Parentage Report?

How do I ensure that DQ get the DNA profiles of my dogs?

How can I automate completing the Approved Collection Method (ACM) Form?

The Veterinarian

How do I get started?

I have a client bringing their animal to the clinic today and do not have any collection kits, what can I do?

How do you work with a person’s existing veterinarian?

Do you work with veterinarians who are not clients or partners with Orivet?

Personalised Life Plans

What are the main benefits of Orivet’s life plans?

Can a pet receive an Orivet Life Plan without undergoing genetic testing?

Smart Tap Tag

My pet has a microchip, Why do i need this?

How does the Tap Tag work?

What are the dimensions of the tags?

What is your warranty policy?

How secure is my information on your website?

How do I report my pet missing with a Tap Tag?

I just found someone’s pet protected by Tap Tag, what now?

Forgot or need to change my PASSWORD

Can I update & change my details on Tap Tag

If I lose my pet(s) more than once, am I still covered by Tap Tag?

Does Tap Tag work internationally?

What happens if I need to change my email address?

Do you need a smart phone for the tag to work?

What is NFC?

What is a QR Code and how do you scan it?

How robust are the tags?

What privacy settings can I set?

Are there any ongoing fees, subscriptions or costs to change my pet information?

Do I need to install an app on my phone to access the portal?

How do I register?

Can I register before I have my Tag ID?

How do I Activate multiple tags under same registration?

Can I have multiple tags assigned to the same pet?

How do I know notifications are working?

Where is the Pet Page that anyone can view?

Pet Health Insurance

Why is pet health insurance important for pet owners?

How is pet health insurance different from other products?

Is pet health insurance similar to human health insurance?

How do I select an appropriate pet health insurance policy?

What should I look for in pet health insurance coverage?

How about the policies that are available through this site?

What about exclusions, deductibles, and co-pays?

Is pet insurance worth it?

So, what do I do next?

I am breeder and I heard Orivet and PetInsurance.com.au are offering special packages for breeders?