Canine Multiple System Degeneration (Kerry Blue Terrier Type)

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This is a hereditary movement disorder. Affected pups develop normally until about 4 months of age. Then their head starts to shake when they focus on something, and rather than becoming stronger and more coordinated, they develop exaggerated, goose-stepping movements (cerebellar ataxia). Dogs can function with cerebellar ataxia, but CMSD progresses to a more severe movement disorder by 12-18 months of age. Affected dogs have difficulty even starting a movement and fall frequently. They become incapacitated by 2 years of age. 


Nervous system / Neurologic - Associated with the brain, spinal cord and nerves


Serine active site containing 1 (SERAC1) on chromosome 1

Variant Detected:

c.1536G>A p.Trp512STOP


It is a trait and so is tested based on preference, not usually for health concerns.

Mode of Inheritance:

Autosomal Recessive

Research Citation(s):

J Hered. 2005;96(7):727-34

Associated Breed(s):

Kerry Blue Terrier, Mixed Breed,