Colourpoint Restriction (Siamese/Burmese) Overview

Colourpoint Restriction (Siamese/Burmese)
US$ 67.00 RRP

Category: Trait (Associated with Phenotype)

Severity: It is a trait and so is tested based on preference, not usually for health concerns.

Mode of Inheritance: Autosomal Recessive

Associated Breed(s): Abyssinian,  American Bobtail ,  American Curl,  American Ringtail,  American Shorthair,  Angora,  Asian,  Australian Mist ,  Balinese,  Bengal,  Birman,  Bombay,  British Black Tipped,  British Longhair,  British Red Spot,  British Shorthair,  Burmese,  Burmilla,  Calico,  California Spangled,  Chantilly,  Tiffany,  Chartreux,  Chausie,  Chinchilla,  Cornish Rex,  Devon Rex,  Domestic Leopard Cat,  Domestic Short Hair,  Don Hairless,  Don Sphynx,  Egyptian Black,  Egyptian Mau,  Exotic Longhair,  Exotic Shorthair,  Exotic ,  Foreign White,  German Rex,  Havana Brown,  Highland Fold,  Himalayan,  Japanese Bobtail,  Javanese,  Khao Manee,  Korat,  Kurilian Bobtail Short Haired,  LaPerm ,  Maine Coon,  Manx ,  Munchkin Short/Long Haired,  Colourpoint Siberian Forest Cat,  Norwegian Forest Cat,  Ocicat,  Ojos Azules,  Oriental Long Hair,  Oriental Short Hair,  Oriental ,  Persian Blue,  Persian Colourpoint,  Persian Smoke,  Persian Tabby,  Persian ,  Peterbald,  PixieBob,  Ragamuffin,  Ragdoll,  Rex ,  Russian Black,  Russian Blue,  Russian White,  Savannah,  Scottish Fold Long Haired,  Scottish Fold Short Haired,  Scottish Fold,  Scottish Wildcat,  Selkirk Rex,  Serengeti,  Seychellois Short/Long Hair,  Siamese,  Siberian,  Siberian Forest Cat,  Singapura,  Snowshoe,  Sokoke,  African Short Hair,  Somali ,  Somali Long Hair,  Somali Short Hair,  Sphynx,  Tonkinese,  Toyger,  Turkish Angora,  Turkish Van,  York Chocolate,  Domestic Medium / Long Hair,